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The way I cook

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

First off if you have read any of my recipes you know I am NO chef. I may not write the correct cooking lingo, but I've just been cooking at home for about 10 years trying and failing... a lot. But I've found some super simple and clean recipes that you can have in your back pocket to build on.

My kitchen is always a mess and this blog won't be perfect either but, hopefully, you will find some meals you would like to add to your recipe book.


Growing up we were very active. My older brother and I played every sport on the planet so dinners were quick and easy to feed us and send us on our way.

However, I always had a curiosity about food. I think it's in my southern blood. My dad's family owns a couple of restaurants in south Alabama and I've seen how many times people get connected through food and that warms my heart and belly.

After college, I would come home from a 10-hour workday and cook. It was a way to settle my head, chill me out a little, and I honestly looked forward to that more than anything else in my day. I might not be able to control much during my day but I could control what I cooked in MY kitchen.

Over the last few years as I've gotten obsessed with cooking and mix matching a million recipes to what works for me and my husband Jeff.

I ended up getting so irritated because I would just want some teriyaki sauce to go with our chicken but everything at the store was full of CRAPPPPPP so I was like back it up... what is it ACTUALLY made of. (3 simple ingredients and no fillers!) And from there it started years of breaking down every recipe to its core and going from there. If you can understand the base of a recipe you can cook anything!!!

You will not find a lot of specific portions or EXACT recipes on this site, except for maybe my baking section. For the longest time I used to get frustrated about finding a recipe by one of my favorite chefs and missing one or two ingredients so I thought UGHH I can't make it now. But that isn't quite how life works. We won't always have everything specific for every recipe possible so I learned to cook with what's in my pantry and I think it's made me a better at-home chef.

So a lot of how you will see my recipes will be a basic foundation but then you can make it your own! Don't have an ingredient, I'll give you a few ideas!

Nobody says it has to be exactly perfect to the recipe or it is a fail.

So scroll through, and hopefully, I can help change your life and enjoy cooking and take some of the stress and pressure off of it.

Because as sometimes life is messy especially my kitchen, doesn't mean you still can't make a great meal.

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