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The Kitchen crap I LOVE!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Since I graduated college and started living alone the kitchen became my happy place. Right out of college, I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to work for the athletic department, which meant long hours and late nights. When I would come home frustrated, or exhausted from the day my kitchen became my relaxing place. No matter what happened in my day cooking a nice dinner was something I could control.

So over the years, I have collected many things that have made my cooking life so much easier and I thought I would share them with you!! Check out my favorites below and where to grab them yourself!

Everything below I mostly bought on Amazon!


Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper

Seriously could not live without this easy little tool! I kept using my knives but that just blunts them, so this quick little tool solves so many things in my kitchen! Also can quickly cut things too! GET IT and make your life so much easier to clean up your scraps!

JoyJolt Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

I'm probably about to order some more of these!! I only got two to start but these are so cute, and sleek, plus you can hold the mug without burning your hands! I use these mugs all day every day with my teas, coffee, and more!

Sweese Butter Dish

Game changer when it comes to a butter dish. I grew up with the traditional butter dish but this one keeps the butter fresh and so easy! I just love this little thing.

SIMPLETaste Milk Frother

My mugs and this go hand in hand. Perfect for frothing milk, mixing drinks, teas and even great to quickly cool down your hot coffee. So many uses for this little guy.

Roll Up Dish Rack

So convenient!! I use to this to quickly dry my mugs that I use all day, anything I hand wash and esp produce!! Perfect and easy little drying rack!

Sink Squeegee and Countertop Brush

This little thing is one of my favorites in the kitchen! I am one of those people that hates water and crumbs all over the counter. And instead of using all these paper towels to clean it up, I use this!! Squeegee on one side and a brush on the other!

Electric Gas Kettle

I literally use this at least 4 times a day for my morning tea, pour-over coffee, cleaning and so much more! Is so fast and convenient.

Glass Spice Jars

$16 on Amazon

As silly as these may seem they have actually been great! Instead of going out and re-purchasing herbs every time I run out I now buy more in bulk and just refill to save money. These glass jars are great and fit into my spice rack perfectly!

Spice Jar Labels

I didn't like the circle labels that came with my glass jars. These are amazing! Waterproof, easy to put on and look great!

3-Tier Cabinet Organizer

I have a very deep pantry so I needed a way to organize a lot of my canned goods. Otherwise, if they are out of sight they are out of mind for me. This was a quick and easy solution! If you have a deep pantry this is a great way to organize what you have!


Hamilton Beach Juicer

I have gotten so into juicing this year! I've seen and heard all the benefits of adding green juice, beat juice, ect. into your diet. This one will not break the bank and is so easy to use!! Get healthy or even make juice for your kids to enjoy or for a cocktail mixer!

Instant Pot

Yea I know you've heard all about it, but I love this thing so much!! From quick pulled chicken to rice I use this thing many times a week!

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

I didn't want to have to purchase an entirely new appliance just to air fry, so I just got the lid attachment for my Instant Pot! It works so great and is incredibly easy and straighforward to use.

Instant Pot Slow Cooker Lid

Again I didn't feel like purchasing a whole slow cooker when this works great! With the addition of the lid to my instant pot I can easily slow cook whenever I want!

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